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                 PUMP TALK
  • What is GPH
    GPH is Gallon Per Hour This is the amount of water going through the pump every hour. The higher a pump goes the less amount of GPH you will have. When ordering pumps always get a pump that has a lift HIGHER that you actually need so you get the best results and waterflow.

  • Pump's lift/rise. How do I know what pump to get?
    When looking for any pump make sure you check the pumps lift/rise. This is the max. the pump will push the water up. For instance, the FP-WT-65 Pump only has a lift of 24" and at 24" you will not get any decent amount of water flow. Always get a pump that pushes water at least 12" more than what you actually need.

  • What's an In-Line Pump?
    An in-line pump is a pump that can be used out of water. The pump does NOT have to be submerged when in use as with a submersible pump.

  • Pumps too strong or too weak?
    When you notice your new pump is pushing water too fast or strong check the water flow adjustment on the pump. Most all our pumps have a water flow adjustment on them and they are a side slide bar, lever or like the United pumps the spout is actually the waterflow adjustment. They all have a + or - sign. The + being the maximum waterflow or - being the minium waterflow. If your pump isn't pushing as much as it should. Make sure the pump is NOT set to - or minium.

  • Lift or Rise
    When you see the terms lift or rise this is how high UP the pump will push water.

  • Max. Pump Lift.
    When you are looking to purchase a pump consider this. How high UP do I need the pump to go? A pumps MAX. lift will NOT product the MAX GPH for that pump. A pump's GPH at its MAX. is not the GPH stated on the pump. The higher you go the less GPH the pump will push out. ALWAYS get a pump with MORE GPH than you actually need. Too much is better than too little as all our pumps are adjustable.

  • Pump Light Combos, can you turn the lights off and just have the pump run or visa versa?
    No, Both the pump and lights are on simultaneously. This is what makes this combination so nice to have. No extra wires leaving the bowl or container. Just one wire conneting to the transformer, which IS included with all our pump/light combos.

  • OD - ID
    OD stands for Outside Diameter ID stands for Inside Diameter Standard tubing size is usually 1/2" OD and 3/8" ID. Larger size is 5/8" OD and 1/2" ID The larger the ID the more water volume you will have. The smaller the ID the more water pressure you will have from the pump

  • Pump Rock Stand Height?
    To get the right height for your pump rock stand measure the inside depth of the bowl or container and then subtract 1". This way your slate tier will not sit too low in the container and at the same time keep the water in the bowl without splashing out. A bowl that is 3" deep would need a pump rock stand of 2".

  • Ceramic Disk & Key?
    A ceramic disk is the disk that replaces an old disk in a mister fogger. The key is the tool needed to unscrew the ring to replace the disk.

  • Dime & Nickel Size Disk
    The dime size is the smaller size disk and is 5/8" in diameter. The larger disk is the size of a nickel and measures 3/4" in diameter.

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