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Stephanie's Feng Shui Wine Fountain

Stephanie from New York sent us photos of her Wine Fountain. Located in the corner of her kitchen as this is the room in her home for wealth & prosperity. Reason being this is a MUST to have a fountain to increase the flow of energy in this room.
If you practice Feng Shui then you need a fountain in your home in a room that has an empty corner to move the energy around which in return helps to bring wealth and prosperity to the owner.
Thank you Stephanie for sharing your photos with us. Fountain Builder

To see Stephanie's fountain up closeclick here.

Badger's Copper Planter Fountain

Badger from Wisconsin sent us photos of his Copper & Planter Fountain.
The fountain is constructed of copper and slate with dwarf palm at the base and soleirola solerolii (irish moss is one common name) in the small planters.

On the top Badger used a fogger which the plants really like!

Click on this link to view his fountain closeup!



Blue Mosaic & Ice Rock Fountain
Gail from Ohio created this beautiful fountain. Gail does professional Mosaic art pieces and was asked to create one of her features into a fountain. This is where we came in and helped her with the ice rock tiers, sea glass, pump, light & fogger.
This fountain now lives in the office of a  psychotherapist  where the soothing sound and the mist is tranquilizing.
You can see more photos by clicking on this link.
Thank you Gail for sending us your Mosaic Fountain.
Debbi's Insulator Fountain

Debbi from Missouri started this project back in June of 2006. She first sent us a photo of the insulator which is the main attraction in this beautiful fountain. She wanted the bowl to match the color of the insulator as close as possible.

Well, we managed to get the bowl pretty close in color. We shipped Debbie the bowl and the pump light combo to operate the fountain with. So all's well that ends well... Wrong! :-(

Debbi went to countless companies to have the insulator drilled so the tubing would go up through the insulator. Either no one would drill it or couldn't or tried but failed. She phoned us very upset and disgusted ready to give up on her dream fountain. We told her to ship us the insulator and we would drill it out. We had no idea even if we could but never the less put our best glass driller on the job. After 3 different diamond tipped bits and 5 long hours the 5" thick hole in the insulator was drilled out!

Thank you Debbi for sharing your photo of your finished fountain.
To see the insulator up close, click on this link. Insulator.


Chrissie's Fountain with Zen Lamp

The fountain was made of the three tier slate, river rock accents, green moss and artificial bamboo. For the bowl, I dry-brushed  gray paint over the existing brown color so it would better match the color of the slate. We used an old iron plant stand to house the Zen lamp and fountain. 

We built a small wooden box  and stapled a piece of green fabric over it, then glued pieces of the artificial bamboo to three sides of the box.  The bowl sits on top of the wooden box for better support and fit inside the plant stand.

The lamp was purchased on line.  It has a slate base that matches the fountain. It rests on top of the plant stand.  The cords for both the fountain and lamp can easily be disguised behind the plant holder.
Thank you Chrissie from Florida for sharing your fountain with us!

     Lisa's Brass Bowl with Ice Rock & Fog

Lisa Chakrabarti, Fine Artist - in Los Angeles cleverly used a bowl headed to its grave!

The bowl was actually an inset that was part of a table my parents bought in Mexico, decades ago. We had no place for the table, but I kept the brass bowl.

Lisa used our Ice Rock Tier set and choose the Sea Foam Green Sea Glass to accent the Patina color of the brass bowl.
I love the brass lizard that accents the bowl's rim.
Lisa used a fogger to give the fountain real life ambience.
Thank you Lisa for sharing your fountain with us!

Stephanie's Illuminating Ice Rock Fountain
Stephanie used an antique slightly tinted yellow glass bowl and had us custom make Ice Rock tiers for her fountain. The tiers are raised and leveled with the clever use of odd ice rock pieces and sea glass!
Highlighting her fountain is a set double finger lights. The Fountain Pro WA-65 Pump has a switch which is very convenient. Stephanie also has different colored sea glass so she can change the look from time to time and have a new fountain look every time.
Thank you Stephanie from Washington for sending your fountain for us to enjoy! Fountain Builder

Outdoor Double Tube Light Set.
Made for outdoors, Lions head fountains, up grade to a 2 way 10W Light Set!
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