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We'd love to include your fountain here. If you'd like for us to show your fountain, simply email us a photo along with a short description and we'll post your fountain! It's that simple ;-)

James's Bonsai Woodland Fountain

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Don, From Clearwater FL.
The fountain was from Home Depot.  It is about 30" high and wide, about 20" front to back.
It's sitting on a two-tiered plant stand/table that I built, underneath a small pergola.  
Operating Don's fountain is our Fountain Pro WA-300-Low Voltage Pump
Thank you Don for sharing your beautiful fountain with us.

Amiee's 4 Tier Illuminated Fountain
Amiee from Kentucky needed to light up her 4 tier fountain. The fountain is absolutely beautiful even without lights, but now it is even more beautiful! We just love the area where it is, so rustic and natural. In the Spring and Summer Amiee has flowers all around it. Maybe next year after the winter leaves us she'll be able to send us a new photo. I like it just the way it is, :-) Rockee Here's the light set Amiee used.

Thank you Amiee!

Illuminating Birdbath Fountain
Illuminating Birdbath Fountain

One of our customers wanted more than just a fountain for her birds, she wanted to also enjoy her fountain at night. So she purchased from us a pump and light combo.
I love how it illuminates around the middle and the mushroom on top directs the water over so there's a shower of water for the birds to enjoy!

Thank you Maria from FL

Cat Drinking Fountain
Cat Drinking Fountain

Alisa asked us to design a drinking fountain for her kitty. She wanted it to be made completely out of glass and copper for the tubing. So we did just that!

Operating her fountain is our Battery Operated Fountain Pump or you can use our low voltage Fountain Pro WT-55 Pump. Safe for kitty to drink from and easy on your electric bill.

If you are interested in this kind of fountain, simply email us at:  or phone us a: 1-800-643-5804  Prices start at: $65

A Simple Fountain
What you need for this basic fountain;
Bowl, small pump around 45-60 gph., slate or rocks drilled, accent with an air plant, vine or even a piece of drift wood. The pump is under the rocks in this fountain with the holes drilled at 5/8" OD. The 5/8" OD hole allows for a slower bubbling effect. You can add smaller rocks to the opening to give the fountain an even slower water flow without having to change the pumps waterflow adjustment!

Scott's Hanging Ice Rock Fountain

Scott had us make this custom piece of Ice Rock for the center of attention in this beautiful glowing fountain.
He accented the fountain by using bamboo for the main support for the Ice Rock and then placed more Ice Rock tiers in the base of the fountain. With a mixture of Ice Rock and Multi Colored Polished rocks along with a set of double finger lights Scott's fountain comes alive!
Click here to see his fountain at night!

Thank you Scott for sharing your beautiful fountain with us. Fountain Builder

Claudia's Customized Midnight Mirage Fountain

Claudia liked our Midnight Mirage Fountain but wanted to customize it some. She asked us to see if a mister fogger would work in the bowl as the bowl tapers down and there may not be enough room for the fogger to operate properly.
We sent her idea to our engineers at Fountains n Slate and they came up with a specially designed pump rock stand! They made the stand with a built in shelf for the fogging unit to sit on. We then made each ice rock tier special to accommodate the fogger so it would fog properly. The end results? It all went together and Claudia assembled the fountain perfectly! The fogger she chose was the 16 Mode Control Fogger.
Thank you Claudia for sending in your photo of your beautiful fountain.

Mark's Illuminating Oriental Fountain
Mark used our Large White Resin Bowl to enhance the light in his fountain.
Mark asked us to make a special slate tier with 2 drilled out sections for pool areas in the bottom slate tier and then made a second, horseshoe shaped tier to go on top of the bottom tier in order to show even more light.
Accenting his fountain he has drift wood, lucky bamboo, sea shells,  unikite/copper stone, quartz and an oriental fisherman.
I just love how he placed the light close to the top of the waters surface yet under the bottom tier so you really see the glowing effect.
To see a close-up of Mark's fountain click on this link here.
Thank you Mark for sharing your fountain with us.

Mary's Panda Bear Fountain
Starting with the beautiful Fountains-n-Slate oval
green bowl I built an underpining  for the soil to keep it out of the water. 
I left a hole to drop the pump (again Fountains-n-Slate) into and surrounded it with a collar to keep dirt out of the pump well. 
Next I constructed the stream then a seperate bowl was turned into a upper pool to hold the black slate 3 inch fountain (you guessed it Fountains-n-Slate). 
Next I put in my plants building up the soil (my own special mix)  and dressed it up with small stones. Last I seeded the surface of the soil with Kyoto moss and set in the Pandas.

Thank you Mary for sharing your fountain with us.

Marilyn's Garden Paradise Fountain
I made this fountain using terra cotta vases on stands that I bought in Mexico. used masonary sealant on the inside of both containers( to keep the pottery from disentigrateing from the water) drylok works great.  I had to let this dry for at least 1 week.  drilled one hole in each pot for the 1/2 inch (od) hose.  placed pump in the bottom vase, upper vase sits sideways to allow the water to flow back into the lower vase.  creates a low tone when the water flows.  very peaceful.  indoors or out doors in the garden.
Rick's Hanging Misting Fountain
Just when you thought you've seen it all! One of our customers sent this photo to us and we just had to share it with you. The glass bowl is in this beautifully crafted macrame hanger. The rolling fog is not only enjoyed by the plants he has around and below but his pet birds enjoy the mist as well. Rick used our 16 Mode Control Mister Fogger in his fountain & hid the cord perfectly too!

Driftwood Fountain!
This fountain was created by one of our customers. Mr. Hitt used driftwood and a two tier container to create this masterpiece! The plant is actually inside the driftwood through a hole drilled out. Mark said the driftwood is very hard to drill. I can imagine too because driftwood hardens over time and I'm sure it took a lot of patience to drill such a piece. I love the two tier container he used!

Our 3 spigot fountain!
Made of copper the 3 spigots have been curved using a pipe bender and then assembled using copper "T's" and tubing. The pump is a United AP-145 w/Switch. You need the strong pump in order for the water to flow through and up and out of all 3 spigots at the same time.
The slate below has a carved out pool and on top are odd shaped slate pieces placed so the water goes down into the bowl and not out!
To keep your fountain running clean and algae free, use our new products, Protec & Fountec!
   We will be adding more fountains with descriptions soon!
Outdoor Double Tube Light Set.
Made for outdoors, Lions head fountains, up grade to a 2 way 10W Light Set!
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