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Concrete Coated Foam Rocks:

Materials: White EPS foam,(1 1/2 lb density, comes in 8' x 4' x 44" bilits);
Quickcrete sand mix; concrete stain; 3/8" rebar; PL construction adhesive
(for foam); concrete bonder; concrete epoxy paint; exterior acrylic clear
coat, and acrylic paint.

Tools: Razor knife (plenty of extra blades for carving foam); 5 gal bucket;
cheap utility bristle brushes; flexible fiberglass applicators; rubber

Process: Carve the foam into the rock formation you desire,(leave rough);
mix a slurry consistency of sand mix with water and bonder, and brush a thin
coat on to foam shapes, let dry; repeat process with a slightly thicker
slurry mix and concrete stain, as it is setting up start shaping and
smoothing with your hands and applicators.

Repeat this process until you
obtain a desired shape and thickness of 3/8" to 1/2" (weed eater and
lawn mower proof); once coatings have cured (24 to 36 hrs) apply glaze
mixtures of clear coat, paint, and water with brush or sea sponge; for water
reservoir area apply 2 coats of epoxy paint before final thin coat of
concrete, then glaze: the rebar is inserted into the foam and glued with PL
with about 12" left out for anchoring into the ground,(about 24" to 36"
apart) this is done and put into place before concrete is applied; rebar is
also used for connecting large formations together.

My next installment is a boulder formation with waterfall, I'll send pic's
when done.

Artificial Rock Rules.

Operating this beautiful fountain is a Fountain Pro WT-660 Pump
We'd like to thank John from Florida for his photos and description of making the concrete fountain and rocks.

Anyone interested in this type of project can email John at: 

 Better yet! Order his How-To Book Here: 
Outdoor Double Tube Light Set.
Made for outdoors, Lions head fountains, up grade to a 2 way 10W Light Set!
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